John Keating on growing carrots @ Watnall

I grow my carrots in a bottomless covered container about 15" deep,
which is filled with washed or sharpe sand.

Core holes out with a tube about 1" to 1.5" dia. (small bore plastic waste pipe) to bottom of the container.

Fill the holes with compost, which is a mixture of:
1 part fine peat moss
1 part sieved sterilised soil
1 part builders or silver sand
(each part = to a builders bucket)

To which is added:
4oz Vitax Q4 fertiliser
4oz garden lime
4oz fine calcified seaweed

Mix well together then fill holes to top making sure no air pockets are left. Leave a small depression in the top about half inch deep for about 4-5 seeds.

The varieties used this year are Trevor, Artemis & Maestro.

Cover seeds with a little more compost & water well. Then cover the surface with plastic to aid germination which is removed as soon as seedlings emerge

Allow to grow until big enough to thin out to 2 or 3 seedlings. Leave these to grow on to make small carrots before thinning to just 1.

 Thinnings of John's perfectly straight carrots

John Keating Thinning his Carrots

Always keep container covered to guard against carrot fly & well watered.


John Keatings pulling his carrots in July
John Keatings pulling his carrots in July