Getting a Plot is Simple...

There are a total of over 100 plots of various sizes from half to full. Every year about 10 plots become available.

To join the waiting list please follow this link. We will confirm once we receive your email and let you know how long the list is.

Plots for Local People

To join the allotments you must be local to the allotments. The map below shows a 3 mile radius from the allotments.

Map Showing 3 Miles from Watnall Allotments
3 Miles from Watnall allotments

Allocation of your Plot

When you are near the top of the waiting list and we have plots ready to allocate, we will be in touch to arrange a time to meet at the allotments.
The video below shows a typical allocation:


All new members will have a twelve-month probation period. At the end of the probation period, it is expected that at least half the allotment will be dug over and cultivated. If this is not achieved you may be notified of termination.


Read about costs here

Helper Members

If you have someone to help with the allotment, be they friend or relative, they should be registered as a helper member and pay the annual subscription.  A helper member will be anyone who works on the allotment for more than two hours a week, on average, between March and October. This is required so that helper members are covered by the Public Liability Insurance and so that contact details are held in case of emergency.

It is also a requirement that Helper Members are registered for five years before they can take over a plot from a member  should the member decide to give up  for any reason.

You can read the full information pack here: Watnall Allotments Booklet



Join the waiting list...

Gregor Rauch, Allocations
Gregor Rauch, Allocations