Watnall Allotments Data Protection Policy

This Data Protection Policy explains what personal information the Association collects from individuals and how this information is managed and protected.

Watnall Allotments and Gardens Association collects and holds personal information about:

  1. The members of the Association, i.e. allotment holders and their registered helpers
  2. Prospective members, i.e. those on a waiting list for an allotment
  3. Those offering services to the Association, such as judges

The personal information that we hold may include your name, contact details including address, phone number, e-mail address, and other information necessary for the effective management of the legitimate interests of the Association. We collect this information in order to manage the allotment site, communicate with allotment holders and allocate vacant allotments. This information is also used to enable the administration of competitive events such as the Annual Show and Best Allotment Competition.

Watnall Allotments and Gardens Association stores the above personal information in a secure electronic system. Access to this information is restricted to those members of the committee who administer the allocation and management of the allotments. Your personal information is not distributed beyond the Association, and is never made available to outside bodies seeking to use it for marketing purposes.

When members relinquish their allotment and leave the Association, their personal information will be deleted once any outstanding communications and transactions are complete (e.g. payment of deposit on return of site key). The Association may retain certain historical archives such as records of meetings and awards.

As a member of the Association, you have the right to view the personal information that we hold on you and to have any necessary corrections made. In order to ensure our records are accurate, we ask that you keep us informed of any changes to your contact details and those of your registered helper(s). To view your personal information or request amendments, you should contact the Secretary of the Association (watnallallotments@gmail.com).