Blackcurrant Cassis

Recipe submitted by Lyn Barwick


1kg blackcurrants trimmed and washed

350g to 500g granulated sugar

500ml brandy


Place the blackcurrants in a sterilized jar that has a well-fitting lid and crush the fruits well with a potato masher to release the juice.

Pour the brandy over the fruits then put the lid on, store in a dark cupboard or cool dark place for 2 months, stirring the fruits occasionally.

After 2 months pour the fruit and brandy through a jelly bag or muslin to extract the juice. Filter this again through muslin to ensure all the fruits have been removed.

Add the sugar to taste, the larger amount will make it into a thicker syrup. Return the container to store for a further 2 weeks, shaking or stirring the liquid every few days to dissolve the sugar until the cassis is clear.

Filter again if needed, then pour into sterilized bottles. The cassis can be used straight away but improves with keeping.

Cassis can be also made with other berries such as strawberries, redcurrants, raspberries and blueberries.