Meet the Committee

Andrew Gillaspy

Chair, plot 57

Alan Booth

Vice Chair, plot 13F

Lynda Gibbins

Lynda Gibbins

Secretary, plot 50F

Lyn Barwick

Treasurer, plot 19

Estelle Coy

plot 20F

Gregor Rauch, Allocations

Gregor Rauch

Allocations, plot 38

John Keating's Carrots

John Keating

Trading, plot 88

Marg Keating

Trading, plot 86

Anthony Glenn

plot 45

Roy Potter

Roy Potter

Honorary Vice President

plot 56

The current committee for 2022

Chair – Andrew Gillaspy (plot 57)
Vice Chair - Alan Booth (plot 13F)
Secretary - Lynda Gibbins (plot 50F)
Treasurer - Lyn Barwick (plot 19)
Trading Officer - John Keating (plot 88)
Allocations Officer - Gregor Rauch (plot 38)
Other Members - Margaret Keating (plot 86), Estelle Coy, plot 20F, Anthony Glenn, plot 45.

Hon. Vice-President - Roy Potter (plot 56)

President – Zach Towers, Licensee of the Royal Oak, Watnall

Jean and the late Antony Granger, long time committee member.
Jean and the late Antony Granger, long time committee member.

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are held on the second Monday of every month, normally at the Royal Oak in Watnall. Meetings commence at 7.30 pm and are generally finished by 9.00 pm; anyone is welcome to join the meeting. During the Covid-19 pandemic, meetings are being held online until restrictions are eased.

At each meeting, the minutes from the previous meeting are reviewed and agreed and signed by the Chair before circulation to members. These are then posted on allotment notice boards or on Facebook for downloading.